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men in that piece, dorian johnson has given eyewitness testimony. we learned today about a record that he has that he -- when -- back in 2011, he was arrested for making a false report, giving a false name to police officers according to the missouri court website he pleaded guilty. we reached out to his attorney for comment. how much, if at all, could or should that incident impact his credibility in this case? is that something that would be brought before a jury? >> it's something if there is a case filed, the lawyer for the officer is going to try to iimp him with. if he will give false information, that's a moral terp t terp tud offense and that's also going to play into the video at the convenience ystore because the argument will be by the lawyer for the officer that all of that stuff plays into whether or not you're getting a true account and the that report that you just did shows exactly what happens in virtually every case that you try with eyewitnesss. each eyewitness sees an event through whatever prism they are looking at and whatever their experience is. in this cas
. two players were injured during practice yesterday. stevie johnson slipped and bruce ellington hurt his left ankle on loose grass. the coach moved practice to the training facility. the company ta cultivated the turf told the 49ers not to talk to the media. the same company is replacing the sod. the owner of the sod farm can only give an educated guess what the problem is. >> it's warm enough to establish the root system. maybe they pushed too close in terms of the deadline in terms of what they wanted to have and how fast they wanted to use the field. it may have needed more time to heal in. >> reporter: to have the field game ready, the sod may be cut with two to four inches of root. a turf expert we consulted estimated replacement could cost the niners or sod contractor $100,000 to $200,000. the team has been assured the field will be ready. >> we will go into the pregame routine of walking on the field with the right cleats on. it's no different than any other game we are playing. >> david louie, abc 7 news. >>> starting next week, high school athletes will get to shine under th
's barbecue. missouri highway patrol captain ron johnson fielding questions from citizens including this gentman who lodged his complaint about local police not following their own rules. >> kids see officers breaking the law. they say, why should we obey the law if officers don't? one small step would be to get the officers to obey the law. all the laws that they enforce. that's just a white man's opinion. and you've done a good job so far. thank you very much. >> i'm not going to take that as a white man's opinion. i'm going to take that as a man's opinion. i can tell you, this uniform doesn't put anyone above the law. you know, in my house, i obey the law. i expect my wife, kids, and family members to obey the law, and i'm expected to obey the law. >> captain ron johnson continuing his community relations work yesterday with attorney general holder. the discussion turned to marital relations. >> last time i was talking to you, your wife said you were sweating too much and worried about you not getting enough rest. >> i got home and there was a card on my pillow. i read it thinkin
. >> thank you very much. >>> i want to bring in bruce johnson, president of the organization nancy writebol was working with. nancy's husband issued a statement that said, we'll read a brief part of it, during the course of her fight, nancy recalled the dark hours of fear and loneliness but the deep abiding peace and presence of god giving her comfort. dr. brantly also talked about god. how big of a role do you think faith played in the fact they did not die and recovered? >> well, i think that statement really shows that they had a realistic picture of what they are facing and also showed the deep faith they have and that brings great comfort to us as followers of jesus christ. so i think for them, they were facing this but certainly, people of faith, people of prayer and really people around the world lifting them up in prayer. >> how is nancy doing? we saw dr. brantly today. we know nancy is home, but we haven't yet heard from her. can you tell us? >> absolutely. i've been able to talk with nancy, as well as her husband, david. nancy's voice sounded strong, had a good conversation with h
on the ground monitoring the situation. we spoke with missouri highway patrol captain ron johnson. >> thank you for taking the time. >> sure. >> i know you're tired. i'm exhausted. more importantly, how are your men doing? >> they're doing good. they're energized. they're committed to getting things back to normal. >> tell me a little bit about the operation as a whole, how it's going. >> there's a lot of hope last night. i think everybody went home thinking there is a lot of hope this is going to get back to normal. and they appreciate it. >> you have what you call agitators and criminals with peaceful protesters exercising their first amendment rights, many of them out of towners. >> many of them out of towners but let's not let it get lost. we have many people who live here in missouri who are also part of the problem. many people here in north county who are from surrounding areas that are part of the problem. there's a good mixture of issues we're dealing with, and we're going to deal with them, but there are a lot of great people. >> tell me, if you will, what are the biggest challenges y
yesterday. stevie johnson slipped and bruce ellington hurt his left ankle on loose grass. the coach moved practice to the training facility. the company ta cultivated the turf told the 49ers not to talk to the media. the same company is replacing the sod. the owner of the sod farm can only give an educated guess what the problem is. >> it's warm enough to establish the root system. maybe they pushed too close in terms of the deadline in terms of what they wanted to have and how fast they wanted to use
have no fear. i believe we're headed toward peace. >> schieffer: vladimir duthiers with ron johnson. ferguson's population is about two-third black but only four of the city's 58 police officers are black. in our poll, 46% of americans said the racial mak over its role in selling bad mortgages as instruments that helped trigger the financeial cries. the question is how much of the settlement will go to homeowners. wyatt andrews reports. >> reporter: in this deal, bank of america and two subsidiaries, countrywide, and merrill lynch admit they sold hundreds of billions worth of mortgage-backed securities to investors when they knew that thousands of homeowners taking out the mortgages could not make the monthly payment. attorney general eric holder: >> the size and the scope of this multibillion-dollar agreement goes far beyond the cost of doing business. this outcome does not preclude any criminal charges against the bank or its employees. >> reporter: in a statement bank of america's c.e.o. bryan moynihan said the deal was in "in the best interest of our shareholders and allows to u
, even captain ron johnson, the state police captain who was put in charge of keeping the peace, even he was praising the st. louis county police department even when he was brought in to replace them, saying they are the first people he would call if he had a problem at home. well, he had to do that, because he didn't have enough man power to handle the situation. obviously, maybe that they could have been better organizations didn't get a chance to do that, so i won't knock the whole department. in terms of the above northern iraqs action, the the response to it, then his public outcry was probably not the proper response. why not just let the brand jury do their work, and whats and see what they do, and then if there are questions about what they should have tone, maybe that's the point where you raise the concerns? first of all, he gets to pick is choose. so the decision they come to, will certainly be influenced greatly, and directly, by what is presented to them. next, what if he goes and no bill on the situation? paced on the cases, then it is too late. so the time to raise your o
in october. shares up slightly. joining me is our editor at large, cory johnson. what do you make of the results? a huge jump in revenue, but a loss. billion company that grew 38% and generated north of $2 million in free cash flow. they do spend a ton of money. >> cory, would you complain? you complain about anything when you get the chance. [laughter] >> that's not true. vast fortunes in acquisition here. gross margins. gross margins continue to fall for this company. i wonder what you make of the acquisition, whether spending vast fortunes and not just in cash but in stock as well to make the sales girl -- sales grow. >> [indiscernible] they're paying a couple hundred times revenue for basically a new technology. >> that one was paid in cash. >> i think so. at the end of the day, when benny wants something, he wants it and tends to buy it. >> he has invested a ton in san francisco real estate. they don't show any slot -- signs of slowing down. they have stopped hiring? where theye groups have either been told to slow down there hiring or not to hire or not to replace an existin
on president lyndon johnson's vision for a great society and its impact today. tune in at 7:00 eastern time and joined in on the conversation by calling us or sending us an e-mail. you can also send us a tweet. join the conversation at >> coming up tonight, the debate on, change. then rich it -- rick. talk about border security. and a nearly $17 billion settlement with bank of america over the 2008 financial crisis. john coleman called global warming the greatest scam in history while speaking at a recent climate change conference in las vegas. echoed byn was patrick moore who spoke against the idea of unit to be being tied to extreme weather events. this is a little over an hour.
to withdraw from the city. that after what captain ron johnson called a very good night in ferguson. but passions are still running high over whether the investigation into the michael brown shooting will be fair. right now, it's up to st. louis county prosecuting attorney bob mcculloch to bring charges against darren wilson, the officer that killed mr. michael brown. grand jury is hearing evidence, but many in the community are not confident in this prosecutor. today, state senator jamil jamiljamila jamila nasheed delivered a petition for the prosecutor to recuse himself. >> i am here today to deliver 70,000 signatures. [ applause ] those signatures basically are coming from everywhere throughout this country. worldwide. people have made a statement. >> but when she went to deliver those petitions to the office, something unbelievable happened. >> we want to take them to the office subpoena. >> i -- i know. >> we have a few people here. >> i know. >> this is a public entity. this is our first amendment right. i'm an elected official. >> i know. >> for the senator for the state of m
on the rent, winepol paid guard fields and johnson $1000 to force them out. garfieldes found yelling at them telling them they "had to go." when she tried to call 911, they broker phone and took her son's phone. >> 72-year-old woman. oh my gosh. that is not nice. not nice at all. >> winepol had been running a boarding house. there were 15 people living in this home with four illegal apartments, forcing inspectors to condemn the property. neighbors say they remember seeing police activity at the home earlier this month because it is unusual in this community. >> you never know who your neighbors are when you come home from work and you see nine police cars in front of your house. >> we're told the landlord has since bonded out of jail. the house remains condemned until it is brought up to code. police are searching for the other four suspects. if you know anything, call the police department. diane show, abc 7 news. is on youre, seven side with a consumer led tonight. this is about those skimmer devices on some local atms. fairfax county police released this video of them being at three and r
, ma'am, he was a good friend of mine. him and dorian. >> dorian johnson? >> yes, ma'am. >> were you around august 9? >> i came soon after mike was already pronounced dead. >> can you tell me a little bit about him? did he live here? >> he has family that lives over here in this building. and on up through northwinds. he was a good friend of mine. people from black communities, a lot of black people don't graduate and finish school. they'd rather do other stuff. gigantic parents and stuff. they have to fend for themselves. my wasn't one of them. he was one of them guys that finished school. she had parents that was on him and supported him. this is just uncalled for. it is really uncalled for. it is just not right. they want to block as in and make us feel like we're nothing. like we have no say so. we live here, pay rent here, and we have been here forever. forever. i just one justice served. i want to see mike's family happy and proud knowing this cop killer's office street and knowing by black people are not being killed by another officer, by darren wilson or whoever he is. he hu
police officer, he came from st. anne,. it was handled well by ron johnson in the missouri highway patrol. >> there has also been criticism of president obama. some comes out strongly, people may say it's because he's black. if he does not, some people say he is not living up to expectations. i do you think he has handled the situation? >> comparing his action with attorney general holder is quite different. they are quite different personalities. i think president obama is trying to be the president for all, plus his personality is such and he has not had the background of attorney general holder, who has had several stops in his younger days exactly like what happened to michael brown. >> roger goldman, thank you very much for joining us on live from paris. betweenne, a fighting separatist rebels and the government continue in the east of the country. clashes have been reported this thursday a day after they claimed they had captured much of the rebel stronghold. the city has been under siege 19 days without basic amenities like running water and electricity. a russian aid convoy is fin
, the night that the captain ron johnson of the highway patrol took over. it was a boisterous night but it was not a violent night. then that was followed by friday, saturday, sunday, looting and violence. it's true at that time last couple nights here with the national guard on the ground have been relatively peaceful especially last night. i don't note what difference the national guard makes in that, what seems to me to have been most effective is the police to have been spread out throughout the area of ferguson. and not consolidated in one area in a manner that many protesters complained seemed threatening in their big consolidated show of fours. so i don't know what role the national guard per se played in those decisions so it's difficult to make that judgment but i certainly hope that the peacefulness continues as it has for two nights in a row now. >> can you gauge, jake, if there's a change in the mood on the ground if maybe protesters feel like because they had the attorney general there, they feel like they're -- >> well, it's certainly true that the brown family, their
the confederate flags. now major general johnson's confederate division defended this sectionst line. ransom's north carolinians were to the north behind me. right where we are would be elliott's south carolinians and goods virginia is to the south of the crater behind you. rights artillery battery was positioned to the north in what is now a cemetery about 600 yards behind me. you had captain richard pegrama artillery here in the sail yenlt. and you also would have davidson's battery to the south behind you. and to my right out here on what was then called jerusalem plafrpg road is flaner's batteries. so basically, the confederates had artillery on the left, right, and in the rear. so when the union troops attacked through here, they were gore to get hit on three fronts. now at 4:44 a.m. a tremendous explosion ruptured the earth throwing men, cannons and a huge chunk of clay the size of a four room schoolhouse toward the heavens. the confederate casualties from the explosion were 44 killed outright, 234 wounded for a total of 278 known casualties. there were probably more. now when this stu
ordered the state national guard to withdraw from the city. that after what captain ron johnson called a very good night in ferguson. but passions are still running high over whether the investigation into the michael brown shooting will be fair. right now, it's up to st. louis county prosecuting attorney bob mcculloch to bring charges against darren wilson, the officer that killed mr. michael brown. grand jury is hearing evidence, but many in the community are not confident in this
off a property. police tell us 71-year-old martin winepoll hired garfield johnson to scare and kick a renter out of the home. he took a phone before leaving. they both face multiple charges. the home has now been condemned ter inspectors found four illegal apartments. >>> two americans infected with the ebola virus are back home tonight. dr. kent brantly and nancy writebol were being treated in atlanta. they were infected while they were working to contain the ebola outbreak in west africa. >> today is a miraculous day. i am thrilled to be alive, to be well and to be reunited with my family. >> they hugged the entire medical staff and says he needs more time to recover physically and emotionally and then will share the story with the public. >>> severe flooding has taken the life of a virginia man tonight. the richmond times dispatch reports that 82-year-old joseph wheeler was swept away while trying to cross a swollen river. he was traveling on a bus but the driver was forced to stop at a damaged bridge. wheeler decided to cross on foot but the power of the river was too strong. a
. i bring greetings from secretary eh johnson who would have loved to be here today. like me, he is a recovering are very, bothe of us, well aware and a plea appreciate the importance of the rule of law and the role of lawyers. it is a vital part of our team as we go forward to a comp which this mission on behalf of the american people. ableaided by my very counsel, dan sutherland, and the ,ecretary has a wonderful job dan's boss, who you are hearing from later in the program. we're quite fortunate in our legal counsel at the department. i want to talk about three key accomplish how we and view our mission at the department of homeland security, but particularly with regard to the national protection and iograms director, for which have the honor of being the undersecretary. as joe described a bit about what we do, which is good, because the name itself really tells you very little about we do, but our overarching mission is to strengthen the security and resilience of the nation's critical infrastructure. we do that in the context of and we-hazards approach them as look at the t
is highway patrol captain ron johnson. cnn's don lemon rode along with him, saw firsthand how he is interacting with the people of ferguson, missouri. >> not that many people out. it seems to be under control. what did you do right since two days ago? >> i think that first, the community did some things right. the clergy, the elders came out, and didn't allow agitators and criminals to amass themselves within the group. and they are actually pointing them out to us. they were helping us. they were moving away from them and not having the same activity. so really, the community did it. >> i'll be like young man, come here, let me talk to you for a second. i might stop and listen and see what you have to say. but when you are jumping on me and i feel animosity, i feel like i'm doing your job today then. >> so it's how somebody approaches you. you would respond. >> like we already committed a violent crime or something. they're approaching us like you caught me selling dope or something. you just pulled me over, okay? i pulled you over because your pants are sagging, can you pull th
zone to end zone is gone. yesterday he abruptly ended practice after wide receiver johnson fell. they said the conditions were too poor for the team to practice. obviously the team immediately took action. you can see it looks like it is starting all over again. on twitter the 49ers released a statement saying the appropriate measures and look fortoward to hosting the san diego chargers. edge quote. many wonder if it could present an injury risk to the players. they spent $1.4 million on the playing surface. as the turf was installed in april the 49ers have soon to be taking the news in stride and this fan we spoke to says he is not worried. >> i don't think it's a big deal. i mean whoever is working on the grass you have to trust them. you know, to redo the whole thing again. >> reporter: again, as you take a live look at the stadium certainly a lot of people walking in. none of the people we spoke to seemed too concerned however reaction on social media is a little harsher. some people calling it an embarrassment and some wondering if candle stick is still available. sal casta
, dorian johnson, he says after being chased, brown turned around with his hands up to tell the officer he was unarmed. there was another witness, tiffany mitchell. she says that officer darren wilson was shooting just soon he got out of the car while chasing michael brown. and pj crenshaw, who took video of the aftermath from her balcony at her apartment also says michael brown was running away while the officer continued firing at him. but then you have that friend of officer wilson, remember she called into that radio show. her name is josi. and she says michael brown shoved the officer back in the car, grabbed the gun, and then officer wilson was acting in self defense. as he shoved him away and shot at him. so all these different accounts. anderson cooper, as you saw a moment ago, with that latest version, joins me now live from ferguson. and anderson, i know you just talked to michael brown's parents. let me just say that right out of the gate. so we want to talk about that in just a moment. but let's go back to michael brady's events. as you stood there and listened to his account,
of the mountain of despair. you think about 50 years ago and president johnson. president johnson, as you heard , launching a war on poverty. king spirit, to know the johnson spirit, is to know that there spirit is alive, alive and all of you. let me ask you for a moment to join me in an act of imagination . i want you to imagine for a men walked 2 elderly in the back door of this loudly,um, talking interrupting my speech. people in the back are starting to turn away. you think, what is going on? what is all this commotion. the cameras start to turn. you think what is happening? --n people try to huh th hush these elderly men, they start swinging canes, very violent and and now they are walking in and out of the isles, .ushing people over what is going on here? i stopped speaking, i don't know what to do. but all of a sudden, they say to me, i am't come near dr. king," and the other guy says "i'm president johnson, don't bother me." tom says "we better get security. [laughter] off they go to get security, but these elderly men continued to walk around here, and people are saying, ids reenactor
jesse jackson have call ed for calm. but my next guest says missouri highway patrol captain ron johnson is providing the most visible black leadership. he gave a shoutout to all those that worked to make it a more peaceful night. >> the men and women and teens of ferguson, the st. louis area and everywhere else who embraced free expression and took another step toward healing and understanding tonight. >> great to have you on the show. i'm so interested in your thoughts about jesse jackson and al sharpton going to ferguson, missouri, because you believe that there seems to be some sort of a link missing there between those two gentlemen and the people that they used to serve and the younger generation of african-americans. explain. >> well, there's been a generational divide for civil rights leadership when we think of what's gone on in ferguson, missouri. when we think about the civil rights movement his r torically, it connected national and local leaders to try to transform rational segregation, economic injustice on the ground. what's going on in ferguson at least when we think abou
on the ground at night. thanks in part to ron johnson's effort and i think just kind of a gradual waning of attorney general eric holder helped with that, too. last night there were very few arrests. it really feels like the story and focus is shifting to the political and legal developments and that's a good thing for everyone. >> thanks very much, zach roth. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> on the heels of attorney general holder's visit to ferguson, the civil rights division has seen a rise in these kinds of cases. they have opened 20 civil rights cases in the past five years. that's more than twice as many as the previous five. yesterday, a.g. holder met with community and state leaders, including emanuel cleaver. he joins me live from washington. congressman, first of all, thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> i want to get a read out from you on what the attorney general had to say to elected officials, including yourself. >> well, he reassured us, although we didn't need it, that the department of justice and the fbi would use all of its resources, all of its powers to get the fa
continues to rise. many asany cutting as 50,000 jobs. what is really going on? cory johnson is with me in the studio. and our bloomberg intelligence researcher is with us from new york. we spoke yesterday. you said this was not a step forward or backward, kind of a step sideways. cory, you have been doing some additional digging. were the results good or bad? >> the pc results were strong. 29% year-over-year drop in profits is just not good. for thein in sales first time in 12 quarters. ask if you break it out, there's a 12% gain in pc sales. the rest of the business was down 3%. the question is, is the company getting better or not? we have to look at the pc business and say, let's see what we see. meg whitman talked about this in the conference call. this was about the one time exploration of windows xp support by microsoft, innate quote said, the winners xp didgeridoo to our growth but we now believe we are through with that benefit. what she is saying, very plainly, we have benefit because microsoft in this thing stop supporting something h and where through with that. while the ma
myself. >> holder also met with captain ron johnson of the state highway patrol, the man in charge of security here in ferguson. and i had the chance to go on a ride-along with captain johnson. not that many people out. it seems to be under control. what did you do right since two days ago? >> i think that first, the community did some things right. the clergy and the elders and the activists came out and didn't allow agitators and criminals to mass themselves with any group. and they were actually pointing them out to us. they were helping us. they were moving away from them and not having the same activity. so really the community did it. >> well, the nation's only african-american governor weighs in on the shooting and violence in ferguson. massachusetts governor deval patrick says these deadly encounters have to stop. >> i'm sick of it. i'm sick of -- i'm sick of unarmed black men being shot by police. i'm sick of the lawlessness on the streets. i think everybody's just tired. when are we going to get through with this kind of -- this kind of thing? >> i want to bring in cnn "c
four days faster. neosporin. buy three johnson & johnson first aid products and get a free bag. noyou can watch live tv anytime. buy three johnson & johnson first aid products it's never been easier, with so many networks all in one place. get live tv whenever you want. the xfinity tv go app. now with live tv on the go. enjoy over wifi or on verizon wireless 4g lte. plus, now you get up to a $100 prepaid card when you purchase any new verizon wireless smartphone or tablet from comcast. visit to learn more >>> please, do not stop praying for the people of liberia and west africa and for a quick end to this ebola epidemic. >> that's american dr. kent brantly just released from the hospital after his treatment for ebola. and calling for prayers for those still battling that epidemic in west africa. both doctor brantley and fellow missionary nancy writebol received doses of an experimental treatment. many are asking, why did two merps receive the treatment while so many in west africa continue to die? it's a pretty stark contrast. take a look at this. this is what it
area and they're hosting another installment of free in the park and alin johnson and the all star band is this saturday and visit our website for morinformation or talk to staff who are here right. and just one final note about all of the great events that we've had this summer. i want to give a special shout out to martha cohen. marta is a great partner of this department and has her hand in every major event in the city that requires interagency communication, coordination partnership and great cities host great events and we have been hosting great events because we're a great city and she's a great part of that and i want to thank her and gratitude. lastly i have some acknowledgments here. we have lots of folks in uniform, the orange, and the white. today i want to acknowledge our folks in white from street soccer -- san francisco streets soccer and street soccer usa. rob, can you join me -- just join me up at the podium. in addition to the mayor's ping pong tournament street soccer hosted the national cup here in san francisco. it's amazing and extraordinary organization a
for having us. >> i'm greta brawner and this week on washington will be focusing on president lyndon johnson's vision for a great society and its impact today. tune in at 78 eastern time and join the conversation like calling us or send us -- singh as any move. you can send us a tweet and join a conversation on >> earlier today attorney general eric holder announced a $17 billion settlement with bank of america over that institutions role in the 2008 financial crisis. he discussed the justice department wrote in the investigation looking at the murder of american journalist james foley by the group isis. is a look. >> yesterday as you know i visited ferguson in order to be degrees on the ongoing federal civil rights investigation into the august night shooting death of michael brown. investigation i launched more than a week ago. during the course of my visit i met with law enforcement as well as community leaders. we had i think constructive discussions about the importance of maintaining peace, averting future acts of violence or vandalism, and ensuring public safety as
strikes. we haven't seen that kind of meddling with the military since lyndon baines johnson at the beginning of the vietnam war. secondly the fact of the matter is we are dribbling in advisers and trainers into iraq every couple of three weeks. we desperately needs a comprehensive strategy that recognizess we are at war with isis. explain to them what we intend to do about that and we need at comprehensive strategy to deal with that. we have the capacity to take on isis, not just to contain it but with the support of ground forces, and constituting iraqi army and reconcile sunni tribes to push isis out of iraq. that will take some time but we need a campaign and we have to develop that comprehensive campaign. they have the targets and know where the enemy is and certainly has the wherewithal to do it particularly in conjunction with other allies in the region. stuart: 100 million euros for the release of james foley, we didn't pay. europeans did a ransom and got their people back. what do you say to the idea of paying terrorists to ransom our hostages? >> that makes no sense
included several meetings with community leaders, students and amount ron johnson as well as the parents of michael brown. speaking at the justice department this morning the attorney general discussed the significance of his visit. >> i have seen a lot in my time as attorney general, but few things have affected me as much as my time in ferguson. while i went to ferguson to provide reassurance, when in fact they gave me hope. any commitment to them is long after this tragic story no longer receive this is level of attention, the justice department will continue to stand with ferguson. we will continue trust building with law enforcement afternoons and the communities they serve. >> meanwhile a police officer in town has been suspended after pointing an automatic assault rifle into the face of a peaceful protester. craig melvin joins us from ferguson and craig, some powerful words this morning mr. mr. holder, saying the things have impacted him since making that visit to ferguson. >> reporter: among the folks we talked to yesterday and a number of the folks we talked to today as well sai
in america. ron johnson has spent more than a week trying to keep the peace in ferguson. the efforts, well they appear to be paying off. johnson, however, not taking any of the credit for it. >> not that many people out. it seems to be under control. what did you do right since two days ago? >> first the community did some things right. the clergy and elders came out and didn't allow annual taters and -- agitators and criminals to mass themselves within the group. they were pointing them out to us. they were helping us. they were moving away from them. and not having the same activity. so really, the community did it. >> captain johnson received a hug and pat on the back from attorney general eric holder yesterday. he thinks the attorney general's visit will do the community good. want to bring in my colleague don lemon who has been in ferguson over a week now. good to have you with me. i want to get a sense of how things went when you had a chance to ride along with captain johnson. what stuck out to you the most as you rode with him? >> >> the guy is a celebrity here. if every police off
couldn't bomb an outhouse without the presence of justice lyndon johnson to prove the. that's what's happening in iraq and afghanistan with our poor troops. their hands are tied have the time. thank you very much. >> host: off of twitter the vice president, joe biden, weighing in on the beheading as well via tweet saying, our hearts go out to the foley family. we all mourn in jim's laws. robert from arizona, good morning, republican line. >> caller: good morning. yeah, i think putting band-aids on the situation in iraq is going to get it. we will have to go back big time and straighten it out. and also we need education for the youngsters, for the future, for our youngsters in the future. so we won't be living with the situation in the future. thank you. >> host: keith up next from michigan, democrats line. >> caller: good morning. >> host: good morning, go ahead comic my comment is on isis. i feel it's time for the people of iraq to stand up and fight for the country. this has been going on for years. we've been over there. we can't keep continuing to go into regions and fight and
dorian johnson says after being chased, brown turned around with his hands up to tell the officer that he was unarmed. another witness tiffany mitchell says officer darren wilson was shooting as soon as he got out of his car while chasing michael brown down the street. piaget crenshaw who shot the aftermath also says brown was running away while the officer continued firing at him. but a friend of officer wilson who calls herself josie says michael brown shoved the officer back into the car and grabbed for his gun and officer wilson shoved brown away and shot him in self-defense. now that we've heard the differing accounts of that day, cnn's chris cuomo spoke with the attorney for dorian johnson. he's the teenager, like i said, who was with michael brown the day he was shot. and in the days after the shooting he was not shy in telling his part of the story. >> the way he describes it is the officer says get out of the street. >> yes. >> they do not get out of the street. >> no, they do not not. >> he says something to the officer, the officer takes some kind of disrespect. >> yes. >> back
also met with missouri highway patrol captain ron johnson. holder is the country's first african-american attorney general. during a private meeting wednesday, he said he understood the black community's mistrust of police and recalled his own experience with racial profiling. his visit came as a grand jury began hearing evidence to determine whether to bring charges against officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. outside the court house, protesters gathered many arguing that prosecutor bob mcculloch should step down from the case. five members of mcculloch's family work for the st. louis police department including his father, who was killed by a black suspect. many point to that incident as the reason he should step down. he argues that's a reason to stay on the job. >> did it affect me? absolutely affected me. and what it did for me is -- or to me is made me i think, a fierce advocate for victims of violence. >> what do you want? >> justice. >> when do you want it? >> now. >> reporter: but some here are not convinced. >> you kno
killed. >> reporter: now, while she spoke, so did the mother of oscar grant. wanda johnson joined some 200 protesters in oakland last night and she spoke on the parallels on her son's death at the bart station back in 2009 to what's going on right now in ferguson. she says her family went to missouri to speak with the family of michael brown. >> our family was there for a week with them and we are praying for them. we are encouraging them to fight until the end, even though you are going to the justice system. >> reporter: now, the rallies started in four different locations yesterday in oakland with the aim of converging into one large rally against what they call a pattern of police brutality. demonstrators marched towards police headquarters but were stopped short by a line of police officers wearing riot helmets. police made no arrests nor issued any citations and there were no disturbances. police in missouri say most of the people they are arresting are outsiders. some are even suggesting their motives may have more to do with politics and anarchy rather than the shooting death o
's [inaudible] owner and the owner of the space and the developer of the property, michael johnson. he's a part of the operation so that's why we consider it a major amendment. >> got you. can you tell me how you're going to modify your security plan? i mean what are you going to do different this time than the time before? >> in addition to limiting what we call the biggest issue in regards to security being the parties in the front we have advocate door staff. we're actively pursuing a dedicated club manager whose only role is to survey the event space when we have larger shows. in addition when we have the larger shows we employ services outside security guards to assist us with our internal door staff. >> so you're going to have door staff are your employees and in addition you will hire security? >> on select showses we expect sell outs or a large number of people we will use our discretion to implement other security and we have door staff and looking to hire one more club manager immediately effective the beginning of the month or september. >> got it. so you told us the shows
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structures were destroyed and two firefighters were hurt. there was a 13 year-old girl. >>: jennifer johnson was in court for the remit for starting the wild fires. >>: reporter: she walked with their parents and her attorney at juvenile court. they need her parents here said she is under age. she also lives in the same neighborhood that this neighborhood fire had quickly spread. inside juvenile court room. this 13 year-old was filed to stand trial. she had entered not guilty plea to on her behalf of four felony cal's of arson. this bombshell says that she told the judge in the court ruled that her parents could be held responsible for actions. >>: if there's restitution a big potentially be liable. >>: reporter: she could be facing an equivalent offer aids behind bars. --age. \ >>: when you talk to us as you walk to the car? >>: the california drought has not been easy on honeybees or the beekeepers. the wildfire-- flowers are cutting back with this drought. the orchards and the crops are being used to get an actor. the california honey is leading higher prices for consumers and make it har
, and it will be independent. >> last night in ferguson, because quote, a very good night. according to captain ron johnson, protesters continued overnight. police didn't use tear gas or rubber bullets and no shots were fired. could be another turning point for the city. >> each night i have seen a turning point. each night i have seen small steps and sometimes those small steps are hard to see, but i know small steps turn into big steps so we have been taking small steps every night. >> ferguson saw only six arrests overnight compared to 47 the night before. >> now our first focus this morning. the international outrage and response to the murder of american journalist james foley executed by islamic terrorists in syria, the pentagon says u.s. military forces have conducted 14 more air strikes against isis targets near the mosul dam in iraq. central command says that's a total of 84 u.s. air strikes that have been launched in the past two weeks a senior u.s. official tells nbc news the state department submitted a request for up to 300 additional u.s. troops to go to iraq. they would beef up security in b
's friend, dorian johnson, says after being chased brown turned around with his hands up to tell the officer he was unarmed. another witness says officer wilson was shooting just ads soon as he got out of his car while chasing down michael brown. piaget crenshaw also says michael brown was running away while the officer continued firing at him, but a friend of officer wilson, who calls herself josie, says michael brown shoved the officer back into his car, and grabbed his gun, and then officer wilson shoved brown away and shot in self-defense. so how could these varying eyewitness accounts complicate the investigation? a lot. cnn's kyung lah has more. >> police shot this boy outside my apartment. >> reporter: seconds after michael brown was shot, witnesses from three different angles recording, with wildly different accounts of that critical moment. from this recording, audio from an unseen nearby man who says he saw brown moving towards the officer. >> he started running, kept coming towards the police. >> reporter: two women recorded from these two other angles. >> turns around, faces the
and left of the crater rolling up the confederate flanks. major general bushrod johnson's confederate division defended this section of the line right where we are would be elliot's south carolinians and the virginiian would be to the south of the crater behind you. right artillery battery was positioned to the north in what's now a cemetery about 600 yards behind me. you had captain richard peagram's here in the salient and davidson's battery to the south behind you and to your -- to my right i'd be on what was then called jerusalem plank road would be lam kins and flanners batteries. so basically the confederates had artillery on the left, the right, and in the rear. so when the union troops attacked through here they are going get hit on three fronts. now, at 4:45 a.m., a tremendous explosion ruptured the earth, throwing men, cannons and a huge chunk of clay the size of a four-room schoolhouse toward the e h heavens. the confederate casualties were 44 killed outright, 234 wounded far total of 278 known casualties. there were probably more. now, when this stuff blew up and went up i
't look like they were look for interaction. it might be a quiet night. we heard from captain ron johnson about the positive movement of last night's protest. take a listen. >> you can tell how the night is going by the radio traffic. tonight the radio traffic was quiet. light traffic on the radio and light traffic on the streets. the crowd were calm and orderly. >> reporter: the sun came up in ferguson. we have seen volunteer groups black and white canning up trash and and lot of police officers walking through here picking up trash and keeping the area clean. the street is back open this morning. bill: what is the latest on the investigation? >> reporter: we know the grand jury for the first time started hearing some evidence yesterday about what happened here. we are told they won't have any indication what they are going to do for some time. we also know there were a couple of protesters in favor of officer darren wilson. that did cow a little bit of issues at times. but nothing that caused any violence. those people were escorted away in support of darren wilson. there is $18,000 rai
state highway patrol captain ron johnson said overall, the situation on the ground is getting better. >> there were no molotov cocktails thrown tonight, no fires, no shootings. we did not see the single handguns. there were no confrontations. >> reporter: leaders helped maintain the peaceful atmosphere forming a human chain to keep protestors on the sidewalks. many people here in ferguson remain angry that officer darren wilson hasn't been charged for fatally shooting michael brown. >> get him behind bars and if he doesn't, it's probably going to be hectic out here. >> reporter: attorney general eric holder traveled to ferguson yesterday to meet with brown's family as well as fbi investigators conducting a federal probe. >> i'm confident that through the ability of these people, we will make --be able to make a determination about whether or not any federal statutes have in fact been violated. >> arrest darren wilson! >> reporter: unrest here may be far from over. it could take a grand jury weeks to determine whether or not to charge officer wilson in brown's death. susan mcginnis, c
reilly and carrie johnson also standing by in d.c. good to have both of you with us. ryan, i know you traveled yesterday with attorney general holder. how was he received? what's the community expecting from him? >> he was really well received. i think people really appreciated him being out here and hearing their stories. i think one interesting moment was when we had a woman at the restaurant essentially come up to the attorney general and say that the nation was sort of afraid to have a conversation about race and some of the issues here. what's interesting, of course, is that holder sort of famously got in a lot of trouble early in 2009, early in the obama presidency, for calling the country a nation of cowards on the issue of race. i think she was sort of making the same point that he was. >> he was seen yesterday to be speaking from a deep low personal place. >> certainly. this is something he's spoken about before. criminal justice reform has been something that he's made a priority, especially since last august. so this is something that i think is very important to him and so
journal" continues. host: all week we've been looking at president johnson's efforts on his great society talking about different elements. today a discussion about the environment, talking about air quality. two guests. we're joined by rob, with george washington university environmental law professor. also jeff former e.p.a. assistant administrator for air and radiation from 2001 to 2005. good morning. let me start by reading a little bit of president johnson and what he talked about when it comes dot environment and ssues we'll be discussing. what do you think about that statement? guest: i think lyndon johnson was a visionary in some ways. he was the first president to articulate an environmental program that didn't just focus on a traditional conservation, the kind that teddy roosevelt might have endorsed. e focused also on rest ration, innovation, how are we going to improve these resources rather than just preserve resources that have -- that are still pristine. host: so as mr. homestead what about his statement and to you has that beard itself out? guest: i think in many ways it h
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